Best Mental Toughness Training Package for Football


Get Mentally Tough with our MOST POPULAR Peak Performance Program!

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It can be really frustrating to work hard in practice and not have it pay off in competition. You KNOW you’re a better football player than that.

Dr. G, I play on the O line and I have been afraid to hit for 2 years. I go into games too nervous and it makes me play stiff and slow. Your 14 Steps CDs and football workbook have made all the difference in the world. Now I know what I was doing wrong and have been able to calm myself and focus on my assignment. I am no longer the weak link on the line, and get excited when I know the play is coming around my side! – Nick AL

  • Are there certain opponents who always seem to psych you out?
  • Do wish that you could stay calm and sleep the nights before big games?
  • Do you get too nervous to do your best and then choke under pressure?
  • Are you stuck in a slump or blocked by fears?
  • Do you have a problem concentrating on what’s important?
  • Do you hang onto your mistakes during games

Alan, What I REALLY like about your Sports Mind series and workbook is that you take athletes through the exercises and personally teach them how to stay calm under pressure, relax the nights before big competitions and how to use visualization to improve performance. My kids love doing the relaxation exercises although they sometimes chuckle at your extreme Boston accent!” Thanks for a great training tool! – Ed, TX

I get it. Over the past 34 years, I’ve worked with coaches who want to help their football players consistently be at their best. As the former Sports Performance Consultant for the UCONN Huskies football team and based on my years of working with NFL, Collegiate and high school football players, I have created a package of my very best books and CD’s to help you develop the mental toughness you need to perform when it counts the most.

Finally a mental toughness book I can understand and use. (Using Your Head To Play Championship Football). Thank you. Thank you. I play quarterback and when I messed up, I’d get really down on myself. Your book helped me play with confidence and quickly let go of my mistakes. Plus, I feel like I now know how to really focus. That’s BIG for me. – Bill, TX

  • Learn the biggest cause of choking and how to avoid it.
  • Develop the ability to concentrate like a winner.
  • Stay relaxed and sleep better the nights leading up to those big games.
  • Develop the ability to deal with last minute negativity and self-doubts.
  • Quickly let go of mistakes and botched plays.
  • Control runaway nerves so that you stay calm under pressure.
  • Learn to mentally prepare for your big games.

DR. G. I just want to thank you for your work! Years ago I was really struggling and got ahold of your football program. I was a quarterback at a State University and had zero confidence. Your CDs really helped me open the door to my mind and the possibilities that it had inside. Your mental exercises are amazing and they really helped me live within the moment. Now I am playing like I know I can. Thank you so much – Mitch, CO

DR. G: I had to write to let you know that Billy is starting his first varsity game as a Quarterback tonight. Your training and CDs have transformed him! He used to be a mental mess whenever he played sports. Now he looks relaxed and confident. He never gets emotional on the field anymore, he is steady and reliable and has a quiet confidence. He listens to your CDs (he has them on his IPod) the nights before big games while lying on his bed. He takes mental preparation seriously and it has paid off. Thank you for helping make Billy’s athletic experiences enjoyable again. Both for him to compete and for me to watch. – Chuck PA

You’re ready to train like a champion, using your mind and your body. Don’t leave this all-important mental side of football to chance. Let me teach you to become mentally tough and perform your best under pressure. If you’re serious about taking your sport to the next level, then this package is the one for you!


14 Steps To Mental Toughness


Develop the mind of a CHAMPION! Dr. G’s most popular CDs will help you perform your BEST when it counts the MOST!

The Sports Mind Package


ALL-SPORT mental toughness training program for coaches and athletes that guides the listener through powerful mental skills exercises!



BRAND NEW! Great step-by-step mental toughness workbook designed specifically for football players to develop the mind of a CHAMPION!

This Is Your Brain On Sports


Dr. G.’s revolutionary new book will help you beat blocks and performance fears for good!

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Best Mental Toughness Training Package for Football


Get Mentally Tough with our MOST POPULAR Peak Performance Program!

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