Original Mental Toughness Training Package for Football


Great Starter Package for strengthening your Mental Muscles!



I’ve worked with football players of all ages and levels, and I understand how frustrating it can be to not perform your best when it counts the most.

“DR. G: I had to write to let you know that Billy is starting his first varsity game as a Quarterback tonight. Your training and CDs have transformed him! He used to be a mental mess whenever he played sports. Now he looks relaxed and confident. He never gets emotional on the field anymore, he is steady and reliable and has a quiet confidence. He listens to your CDs (he has them on his IPod) the nights before big games while lying on his bed. He takes mental preparation seriously and it has paid off. Thank you for helping make Billy’s athletic experiences enjoyable again. Both for him to compete and for me to watch.” Chuck PA

  • Do you perform better in practice than in big games?
  • Does your concentration abandon you when you need it the most?
  • Are you easily psyched out or intimidated?
  • Do you tend to hang onto your mistakes?
  • Does fear and worry about messing up sabotage your play?

“DR. G. I just want to thank you for your work! Years ago I was really struggling and got ahold of your football program. I was a quarterback at a State University and had zero confidence. Your CDs really helped me open the door to my mind and the possibilities that it had inside. Your mental exercises are amazing and they really helped me live within the moment. Now I am playing like I know I can. Thank you so much,” Mitch CO

Over the past 34 years, I’ve worked football players who want to consistently be at their best. As the former Sports Performance Consultant for the UCONN Huskies football team and based on my years of working with NFL, Collegiate and high school football players and their coaches, I have created a package of my very best books and CD’s to help you develop the mental toughness you need to perform your best.

“Dr. G, I play on the O line and I have been afraid to hit for 2 years. I go into games too nervous and it makes me play stiff and slow. Your CDs and football workbook have made all the difference in the world. Now I know what I was doing wrong and have been able to calm myself and focus on my assignment. I am no longer the weak link on the line, and get excited when I know the play is coming around my side!” Nick AL

  • Develop the concentration of a champion.
  • Rebound quickly from mistakes and bad games.
  • Learn to stay calm and composed under pressure.
  • Master last minute negativity and self-doubts.
  • Mentally prepare for those big games.
  • Learn to play loose and with confidence.

“I play high school football and as much as I hate it, I had developed the reputation of being a head case. I’d get too nervous before the big games and important plays and then I’d screw up, dropping catchable balls, missing assignments and worse. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about my mistakes and would make more. My dad got me your book, (Using Your Head To Play Championship Football) and I’ve already read it three times. All my teammates and coaches can see the difference in my play. I don’t psych myself out anymore and have gotten really good at letting my mistakes go. As a result, I don’t even make many now. I can’t thank you enough for your book! Jason T, 17, AL

You’re ready. You spend most of your time working on the physical part of your game, so don’t leave this all important mental side to chance. Learn what you need to become mentally tough and perform your best under pressure.


14 Steps To Mental Toughness


Develop the mind of a CHAMPION! Dr. G’s most popular CDs will help you perform your BEST when it counts the MOST!



BRAND NEW! Great step-by-step mental toughness workbook designed specifically for football players to develop the mind of a CHAMPION!

Sports Slump Busting


10 Steps to MENTAL TOUGHNESS and peak performance for coaches and athletes. Everything you need to know to bust slumps and get back on track!

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Original Mental Toughness Training Package for Football


Great Starter Package for strengthening your Mental Muscles!