Original Mental Toughness Training Package for Softball


Great Starter Package for Strengthening your Mental Muscles!

Includes Dr. G’s BRAND NEW Softball Program with Track-by-Track TRAINING GUIDE



I’ve worked with softball players of all ages and levels, and I understand how frustrating it can be to not play your best when it counts the most.

Our daughter Chelsea is a 12-year-old pitcher and just played in her first tournament after having listened to your softball CDs. She pitched a no-hitter, struck out 11 batters in three innings and hit every time she got to the plate. We’ve never seen her so confident. We think your softball CDs were a great help and wanted you to know. – Charlene K, Ohio

  • Do you hit better in practice than in games?
  • Do you pitch great in bull pens but lose your control when it counts the most?
  • Does your concentration abandon you when you need it the most?
  • Are you easily psyched out or intimidated?
  • Do you get too nervous to perform your best?
  • Are you stuck in a slump?
  • Are you struggling with a mysterious throwing problem?

We purchased your new softball book for our daughter when you spoke at the Ohio convention. She’s a pitcher and would get easily intimidated by certain batters, especially the bigger ones. Instead of throwing the way she knew how, she’d lose her confidence and stuff. Although she was reluctant to read the book in the beginning, once she started, she couldn’t put it down! She kept saying to us, “Oh! That’s what I’ve been doing wrong!” She just pitched our team to a first place finish in a huge tournament and I’ve never seen her so confident and focused. Thank you for a wonderfully practical book. I’m having everyone on the team use it. – Bob G., parent and coach, Ohio

I get it. Over the past 34 years I’ve worked with college, high school and club softball players at every level to help them stay calm under pressure and play to their potential. What if I could teach you the same mental strategies that I’ve used to help them lift the level of their play?

Dr. Alan, my daughter is a pitcher and got your mental toughness package for softball players. Since realizing that her mental state was affecting her physical playing, she has improved greatly! She is holding a 65% strike ratio and her speed has increased impressively. She is known in our district as the most accurate pitcher with incredible stamina and has pitched several no hitters and Friday night she pitched a perfect game!!! She had the girls on the other team terrified to get in the batter’s box! It tickles her to strike out the opposing team’s pitcher and she usually does! We were talking about how much your CDs helped her on the way back from our celebratory pizza Friday night. Thank you so much again! – Kelli, Texas

  • Easy to listen to stories, exercises and strategies.
  • Develop the concentration of a champion.
  • Rebound quickly from errors and bad at-bats.
  • Learn to stay calm and composed under big game pressure..
  • Master last minute negativity and self-doubts.
  • Mentally prepare for those big games.
  • Learn the secrets to slump busting.

DR. G, Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for such an outstanding program! I just ordered the softball mental toughness program a week ago to try and help my 14-year-old daughter who has excellent skills, but has problems playing freely because of what happens upstairs in her mind. I have been searching for quite sometime to find someway to help her using other programs, sending her to professionals etc. and nothing has seemed to work. We have only just begun going through your program and I’m very happy to say that I think this may finally be the answer to help give her relief to play the game she loves to play free and to her best ability. Thank you again for giving families like us a program that we can use to try and help our children. – David, Florida

You’re ready. You spend most of your time working on the physical part of your game, so don’t leave this all important mental side of your softball to chance. Learn what you need to become mentally tough and play your best when it counts the most!




A BRAND NEW Mental Toughness CD program specifically designed for softball players and their coaches!



BRAND NEW! Great step-by-step mental toughness workbooks designed specifically for softball players to develop the mind of a CHAMPION!

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Original Mental Toughness Training Package for Softball


Great Starter Package for Strengthening your Mental Muscles!

Includes Dr. G’s BRAND NEW Softball Program with Track-by-Track TRAINING GUIDE