Parents’ Mental Toughness Training Package


Help Your Child Feel and Perform like a WINNER with Dr. G’s Parents’ Mental Toughness Training Package for Softball!

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Over the past 34 years I have specialized in helping athletes at all levels overcome performance fears and blocks and perform to their potential. I have trained thousands of coaches and parents on where their ballplayers need to be mentally in order to perform their best when it counts the most. This program will help you as parents to understand the secrets to peak performance and what you need to do to help your child have a happy and successful sports experience.

Dr. G! I just had to write to tell you WHAT A GREAT MENTAL TRAINING SET YOU HAVE. I have been using your softball audios with my high school team and they love it! You have a wonderful way of presenting mental training in a down to earth, humorous way and your stories are GREAT! The kids continually ask me to play your ‘Donkey story’ about dealing with adversity. What I love is that i am hearing them in practice and games repeating your words! You’ve helped me build a mentally tough team. Thrilled! – Dani, Mississippi

Parents want to know:

  • What role should I play on the parent/athlete/coach/team?
  • What do I say and do after my child has a particularly painful failure?
  • How will the Principles of PEAK PERFORMANCE help my child perform to their potential?
  • What traps do I need to avoid so that my child has a happy and healthy youth sport experience?
  • What should I do when my child is stuck in a slump or blocked by fears?

Hey Dr. G! You were right! When Haley started focusing the right way, she broke out of her hitting slump immediately! She has been on a tear ever since! Your little book has taught us both some important lessons. I see her going thru it every night before she goes to bed these days! What a turnaround! – Samantha, Arizona


  • The biggest mental trap that parents fall into and how to AVOID IT!
  • What your child-athlete most needs from you to stay calm and perform like a winner!
  • How to help your child use his/her failures to become successful!
  • Why athletes consistently do better in practice than competition!
  • What you need to do if you want your child to WIN MORE!

Dr. Alan, My daughter asked for help with her mental strength while pitching for her high school softball team and we got your mental toughness workbook and audio set for softball players. Taylor has improved greatly! She is holding a 65% strike ratio and her speed has increased impressively. She is known in our district as the most accurate pitcher with incredible stamina. She has pitched several no hitters and Friday night she pitched a perfect game! She had the girls on the other team terrified to get in the batter’s box! It tickles her to strike out the opposing team’s pitcher and she usually does! We were talking about how much your book and audios have helped her. Thank you! – Kelli, Texas

Though this product is not sport-specific, I’ve consistently received positive feedback from athletes in your sport about its effectiveness!


14 Steps To Mental Toughness
CD or MP3 Audio


Develop the mind of a CHAMPION! Dr. G’s most popular CDs will help you perform your BEST when it counts the MOST!

CD or MP3 Audio


What EVERY parent and coach needs to know to help your child-athlete feel and perform like a WINNER!

This Is Your Brain On Sports
Print or PDF Book


Dr. G.’s revolutionary new book will help you beat blocks and performance fears for good!

Sports Slump Busting
Print or PDF Book


10 Steps to MENTAL TOUGHNESS and peak performance for coaches and athletes. Everything you need to know to bust slumps and get back on track!

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Parents’ Mental Toughness Training Package


Help Your Child Feel and Perform like a WINNER with Dr. G’s Parents’ Mental Toughness Training Package for Softball!

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