Do you have winning parents?

Supportive - or Pushy?

A parent’s major role on your “team” (parent, athlete, coach) is to be unconditionally supportive. That is, to love and support you regardless of how you perform. Whether you’re at your best or struggling with performance problems, you need your parents to be there for you in a way that has absolutely nothing to do with how well you perform or whether you win or lose. Winning parents are their kids “best fans.” They are there for you no matter what the outcome. Take the following questionnaire to find out whether you have winning parents:

Your Parents’ Job

If your parents are too involved in your sport, they can make your life miserable, kill your enjoyment and absolutely ruin your athletic performance. Pushy parents can cause choking and other performance problems, and turn you into a sports dropout statistic. While many over-involved parents mean well and may tell you that they are “doing all this for you“, the fact of the matter is that they have lost perspective on your sport and are responding to their own needs and feelings. While you need your parents’ love and support to become successful, it will be almost impossible for you to reach your athletic dreams with parents who are over-involved.


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