Are you performing to your potential?

Is your head is getting in the way of you performing to your potential?

You’d never think of competing without first preparing physically - so why leave your mental toughness preparation to chance?

What kind of a head do you have on your shoulders? Are you competing at the level that you’re capable of? Do you regularly perform better in practice than you do in important competitions? Are there particular opponents who consistently intimidate you? Do fears and self-doubts paralyze you and prevent you from performing to your potential?

If some of these questions bother you, then you probably already know how critically important the mental part of your sport is. If you want to take your performance to the next level, then you have to be willing to take your training far beyond where most people stop. Most serious athletes religiously work on the physical part of their sport. They’ll work on their strength, fitness, and proper technique. Is this stuff important? You betcha! You can’t become successful without paying your physical dues in this way. Hard work is definitely one of the main keys to your athletic success. Without it, you’ll quickly fall behind.

Concentration is THE key to your athletic excellence!

  1. You need to keep your pre- and during-performance focus on what YOU are doing.
  2. Focusing on how good the competition is or what others think of you will make you nervous.
  3. Be aware of when your focus drifts to others and quickly bring yourself back.
  4. Be prepared to “reset” your focus as many times as you drift.
  5. Train yourself to stay focused on the action, in the present, one moment at a time.
  6. When your focus drifts ahead to the future (winning or losing), or back to a mistake, immediately “reset.”

Go beyond hoping for your best performance!


Unfortunately, this is where most people stop. When they go into their competitions, they hope they’ll perform well; they hope that they’ll have their “A” game with them that day; they hope that they’ll win. You would never leave your strength, conditioning, or technique to chance. So why would you leave the most important part of your performance – the mental part – to chance?

Think about this: Getting good in practice is 95% physical and 5% mental. Translation: You have to work hard on your conditioning and physical technique to make it happen. However, once you get on the big stage and it really counts, the percentages flip-flop. Being successful is 95% mental and 5% physical. You have the conditioning and technique, and now you have to make sure that you stay calm under pressure and keep yourself focused on the right things.

You have to believe in yourself and have the self-confidence to focus on yourself and not your opponents when you’re under pressure. You have to be able to handle last-minute negativity and self-doubts. You have to be able to master your fears. We can help you do that.


Dr. Alan Goldberg is an internationally-recognized expert in sports performance, specializing in helping athletes overcome performance fears, slumps, and blocks. As a Sports Performance Consultant, Dr. G works with athletes across all sports at every level, helping them develop mental toughness, better handle competitive pressure, and perform to their potential. He has written on the subjects of peak performance and mental toughness for national and international publications and is the author of 20 books. Check out his most popular Mental Toughness Training Packages.

  • An incredibly helpful book. It helped me make sense of my pitching problems and better yet, get rid of them!

    Mike Roberts Atlanta Braves
  • I'm a tennis player and my 15 year old daughter is a pitcher. She hopes to  play D-1 in college. We have both found your Sports Mind book so helpful!  I can see a huge difference in her when she's on the mound! She's much more composed and she talks about your strategies all of the time!

    Robert Arizona
  • Dr. Goldberg, I am taking my senior athletes step by step through your 14 Steps Mental Toughness program. It is wonderful! Repeat: WONDERFUL!!!" Thanks for this amazing tool!

    Michael Pennsylvania
  • I read this book when I was down and out in high school. My father gave me this book and it turned my swimming career around. My Senior year I was able to put the past behind me, swim faster then expected and I also accepted a full scholarship to compete in a Division II program.

    Amazon reviewer
  • Your program not only helped my team play better under pressure, it significantly helped my 17 year old daughter who's a three sport athlete!

    Gail Montana
  • As a former athlete and current coach this book has opened my eyes to performance problems. The authors have found a new approach to understanding and treating the most unreachable athletes. I suggest this book for any counselor, coach, teacher, parent and or athlete.

    Amazon reviewer
  • A real breakthrough book for athletes!  I was able to use the tools with my clients and the results were spectacular. I would highly recommend this book and its' techniques to all practitioners and  I recommend this not just for therapists who work with athletes, but for athletes themselves!

    Amazon Reviewer
  • Congratulations on your program, "14 Steps!" They are truly outstanding and thoroughly cover all the mental aspects of sports which are challenging to athletes and coaches. We are using them this year as part of our weekly training program and the kids love your stories and teachings!

    Ken S. Head Coach, North Carolina
  • I've been coaching 20 years and this is one of the most versatile mental toughness training sets I've run across. It's loaded with great exercises and stories that really work. I strongly recommend it to all my athletes.

    Dennis Coach, Athens, Georgia
  • Your 'Sports Mind Workbook' is a winner! I have been using it with both my boys (football and basketball players) and the results have been great. You present mental training in an  easy to understand way and my boys really understand where their head should be to play well!

    Roger Washington
  • I was listening to your "Parents" audio and I have to say it opened my eyes! Especially the part where you talk about “good” and “bad” nervous. You teach parents how to help kids roll with the “juice” that naturally comes up as you're about to perform! Such a great audio!

    Wesley Nevada
  • Amazing Book! (This Is Your Brain On Sports) Purchased for my husband and once he started reading the book, he couldn't put it down... My husband played professional ball and said that if he knew what this book speaks of back when he played, he would have had a longer pro career!

    Amazon Review
  • Thanks so much! I finally learned how to get my parents on the same page that I'm on. They're actually helping me now! Go Figure! It has made things so much much easier for me to do my job. I think this is a critically important book for coaches in any sport.

    Jack Florida
  • I have downloaded your 14 Steps to Mental Toughness and have been listening to them with my son. I must say that it is having a very positive impact on both of us! We live in the UK where this type of science is not well known, but now I am persuaded by it! I am so grateful!

    Michael United Kingdom
  • What I REALLY like about your Sports Mind series is that you teach athletes how to stay calm under pressure, relax the nights before big competitions and how to use visualization to improve performance. My kids love doing the exercises although they chuckle at your accent!

    Ed Texas
  • I love your book! Parents on my team were driving me nuts and making me really angry, getting in the way of me doing a decent job of coaching. It  helped me get things in perspective and to recruit my parents to help me. I feel like I have a much better understanding of how to work together!

    John B Colorado
  • Dr. G, I just finished reading “This is Your Brain On Sports” and I absolutely loved it! It opened my eyes to what really causes athletes to fall apart and it will help me be more effective with my players!

    Frank Maryland
  • I've been using your audio program for years with my archers with great success, and I have to tell you, your new workbook is  excellent! It makes the entire program that much more effective and. I especially like your discussion of how the different parts of our brain affect performance!

    Dan Alabama
  • Dr. G, You did a GREAT job with 14 Steps. I can't tell you how much it has helped me relax and focus! My congrats and sincere thanks.

    Gianluca Italy
  • This is a GREAT tool to use with sport parents. The parents on my soccer team listened to it in one of our meetings. Your humor makes parents willing to listen to all the things they've been doing wrong and what they need to do to change without getting defensive. Bless you.

    Ray B Head Coach, Maryland
  • My coaching staff listened to Getting Parents to Work With You and put into practice some of your parent guidelines. We also led a parent workshop and as a result, not only are parents enjoying closer relationships with their kids, but the kids are enjoying themselves again!

    Tim North Carolina
  • I am a high school coach and 14 Steps not only helped my team perform better under pressure, it helped my 17-year-old daughter who's a three-sport athlete. She used to think too much and get far too nervous. Now she performs the way she practices, relaxed and aggressively! Thanks

    Gail Montana


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