Are you a winning parent?

Be your child’s best fan

Do you really want your child to excel and go as far as possible in his/her sport? Do you want him or her to have fun and feel good about him/herself? Would you like to help your child avoid becoming a dropout statistic? If your answers are “yes” to these questions, then it is absolutely critical that you play the right role on the parent-coach-athlete team.

Know your role

Many performance problems are unknowingly caused by well-meaning parents who get too involved in their child’s sport and, as a result, stop playing their correct role! Be supportive! Be your child’s best fan! Don’t coach! (Unless you are the coach or your child comes to you and wants your feedback and can use it without getting defensive or angry with you!) Take this questionnaire to see if you’re doing everything possible to help your child have a successful and healthy sports experience.


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