In Parents' Role in Youth Sports, Problems in Youth Sports

Mom, Dad,
PLEASE……..For this Holiday, buy me NO presents!
Instead, ALL I want is your UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!
A love that has nothing to do with how well I boxed out, how many points I scored, whether I won the match or not, or let in the winning goal.

Please love me for WHO I am, not HOW I played…
I REALLY need this from you cuz I’m just a kid, and I amcompletely vulnerable and dependent upon your love.
I want you to be proud of me and I die a little inside whenever I feel like you’re disappointed in me.

It kills me when I see your disapproval after the game,
When you tell me everything I did wrong
on the car ride home,
When you give me the silent treatment,
When you tell me how I embarrassed you,
Or how much time, energy and money you’ve put into me.

Please hear what I’m too afraid to tell you,
I know you’re trying to help…
And I know you’re trying to make me better…
BUT being upset with me after games hurts me SO deeply,
Please just love me and be proud of me for who I am.


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