In Becoming a Champion, Peak Performance Strategies

Here’s a little success recipe for you: Start with a big, scary dream and then combine with a ton of HARD WORK; Next, add a massive amount of DEDICATION and blend well; Then sprinkle liberally with DAILY COMMITMENT for years on end; Be sure to stir in a healthy quantity of OBSESSION WITH THE JOURNEY and mix with all of the above ingredients.

Then you must fold into this batter unequal amounts of FRUSTRATION, SETBACKS, FAILURE and SUFFERING. These ingredients are quite vital because they add unique flavor and special meaning to the dish. Stir the above mixture for days, weeks, months and years or as long as it takes. Be sure to keep your attention on YOUR DISH as you mix AND ON NO ONE ELSE’S. Note: Allowing your attention to drift to others during preparation will leave a terrible taste in your mouth.

Serving size: JUST YOU!


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