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Just how aware are you when you train? Do you have a clue about what you’re doing today in practice and how it may or may not get you to where you want to go? Far too many athletes unknowingly make a deal with the devil. They trade what they want THE MOST, their ultimate goal, for what they want RIGHT NOW!

You know the story. You’re in practice, tired, bored and/or hurting. What do you want right now? I want to stop! I want practice to be over! I want to back down from this pain and fatigue of oxygen debt so I can feel better and catch my breath. What do you want the most? You tell me!

What are your big dreams? What goals do you have for yourself? Do you want a college scholarship? Do you want to make the varsity or crack the starting line-up? Are you shooting for a regional or national ranking? Whatever your big dream is, that is, whatever you want the most, should never, ever be traded for what you want right now. Why would anyone give up their athletic dream for some instant, very short lived relief?

Great athletes do not make this kind of a deal with the devil. They rarely, if ever trade their big goal for the ridiculous pleasure of immediate comfort. And they don’t make this “deal” because they know it’s fool’s gold. Backing down from training when you’re hurting or tired, cutting corners or skipping sessions may feel good in the moment, but it actually takes you in the exact opposite direction of your dreams.

“Oh, but it’s really OK because I’ll train twice as hard tomorrow!” say many athletes to themselves to make their deal with the devil more palatable. And if you actually believe that self-fed bologna, then perhaps you’d be interested in purchasing this big red bridge that I own in San Francisco.

Their are no short-cuts to becoming a champion. You must be willing to pay your physical dues, sacrifice and regularly suffer. To motivate yourself towards this end, keep your dream with you whenever you train. When you feel like backing down or cutting corners, ask yourself right then and there, “Is what I want right now, a physical/mental break more important than my ultimate goal?

DO NOT MAKE A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL because if you do, it will always come back to haunt you in BIG regrets!


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