In Becoming a Champion, Believe in Yourself/Self Confidence, Handling Failure/Adversity

“Listen to the mustn’ts child.

Listen to the don’ts.

Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts.

Listen to the never haves,

then listen to the close to me….

Anything can happen child. Anything can be.”

Shel Silverstein

Anything you can believe in and can coneive, you can ultimately achieve! The sky is the limit and only YOU really know what you’re capable of! Two weeks ago I interviewed Bob Bowman, Michael Phelps long time coach. He began working with Phelps when the most decorated athlete/swimmer in Olympic history was a mere 11 years old. Right around this time, Phelps was diagnosed with a pretty severe case of ADHD (Attention Deficit, Hyperactive Disorder). In plain English, the kid was a worldwind of energy and couldn’t sit still. In fact, one of Michael’s elementary school teachers called his mother Debbie up and told her that her son “would never be able to focus on anything!”


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