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Let me be honest with you here just for a second. I know your shot was two inches in. I saw it very clearly, but I had to call it out because I needed that point and the game!

And I know that I really got a 7 on that hole like you claimed and not a 6. I just couldn’t take a triple bogey at that point in the tournament…and besides, you were already up three strokes on me! Sorry!

Yeah, I also know that I stepped out of bounds on route to sinking that game winning shot. But hey, the ref didn’t call it so it’s OK and besides, we would’ve lost our chance at going to States if I hadn’t scored! Sure I know that taking steroids is cheating and bad for you. But, Hey, it’s important to me that I’m as competitive as possible. Besides, everyone else on the starting D line does them and I need to keep up with those guys!

If I could be brutally honest with myself and you, I guess I have to cheat you because I’m really, really afraid of losing. I’m scared to death that you may be better than me and that would be unbearable. Deep down, I’m absolutely petrified that I’m just not good enough…..You see, if I lose to you, then that’s just more concrete evidence that I don’t measure up, that it’s true that I’m not good enough. So bottom line: I can’t afford to let you beat me. There’s just too much at stake here.

The other minor problem for me here if you’re interested is that if I lose, my mom and dad are really going to kick my butt. They won’t accept anything less than a win, regardless of how I get it. When I do lose I have to listen to them put me down for a good week! Let me tell you how much that really sucks!!!! In fact, when I lose, they often punish me by taking away my cell phone, the car, computer privileges, you name it!

You know, now that I think about it, they probably helped teach me how to be really terrified of losing. Heck, I watch them cheat when they compete too. You should see my mother call the lines when she plays tennis with her 3.5 tennis team! I can’t believe the women she plays with let her get away with that crap! My dad’s probably not much better. He REALLY hates to lose and is in a foul mood for days afterwards.

So I hope you can understand that this isn’t just a game for me. There is far too much at stake every time I go to compete. My parents make my life a living hell when I fail! I’ve really come to hate this sport, but I would never tell anyone else that. It’s just not fun anymore and hasn’t been for years. Let me tell you something else that I’d never admit to anyone. I also cheat in school. I’ll do whatever it takes to get an A. What’s really scary for me is that I’ve been cheating for so long that I’ve gotten good at convincing myself that I’m not really cheating.

So, for example, you know that last shot I called out that I told you was 2 inches in? Well, trust me, it was really out!


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