In Coaching: Good/Bad/Unfair, Motivation/Goals

The heart of being a great coach lies in the relationships that you create and develop with each and every one of your athletes. RELATIONSHIPS MOTIVATE. It’s WHO you are and HOW you are with your players that dramatically affects their love of the game, how hard they work, how much they learn from you and ultimately, how well they perform for you.

If you are trustworthy in your dealings with your athletes, fair and honest, if you “walk the talk” with them and are consistent with your words and actions, if you respect all of your players and value each and every one for what they bring to the team, if you create a safe environment for them to take risks and excel, if you repeatedly catch them doing things right and continually use positive reinforcement, then you will inspire them to run through walls for you and become peak performers!

However, if you’re demeaning, disrespectful and unfair, if you play favorites and don’t listen to player feedback, if you think that yelling at and withholding positive feedback from your players makes them tougher, if you are untrustworthy and create an atmosphere of fear and resentment on your team, if you say one thing and then do another, then you will kill your athletes’ love of and motivation for the sport, create performance problems in your players and insure that they consistently underachieve


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