In Becoming a Champion, Believe in Yourself/Self Confidence

Why is it that when you tell your friends or the people around you that you’re “going for it” and/or pursuing excellence, they suddenly get all “helpful” and try to protect you from failing and/or getting hurt? Then there are all those other “kind” people who start making fun of you or calling you “nuts” (in a “helpful,” “caring” way) because you’re foolishly putting all this time into practicing. What is it about someone who pursues excellence or some far off dream that makes everyone else around them uncomfortable?

First off, is there something wrong with you because you have a commitment to excellence? Are you mentally off balance because you have some far off, far-out goal and are willing to do whatever it takes to pursue it? NO! and NO! Far too many people in this society are overly invested in the status quo and mediocrity. They are uncomfortable stepping outside of their comfort zone. They are satisfied with being simply average. They let fear rule their lives. Those who dare do otherwise are pioneers. They are courageous! Trying to be the best that they can be gives a structure and meaning to their life. It guides their efforts and makes them feel good about themselves.

Those who call you crazy or poke fun at you for doing this are the ones with the real problems! These people are afraid to take risks. They are afraid to put themselves on the line and truly go for it the way that you are. They are afraid of failing. When they see you doing this, it makes them uncomfortable. It threatens them on some basic level because it forces them to examine their own behaviors and the fact that they are not going for it. These people deal with their feelings of personal threat by trying to discredit you, the source of that threat. They isolate you, try to embarrass you, attempt to turn others against you. Keep in mind that when they do this, they are coming from a place of weakness and vulnerability, NOT strength!

Don’t ever let anyone steal your dream! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re crazy for trying to be the best that you can be at something! We’d all be living in the dark ages if everyone always listened to those critical or “helpful” voices discouraging us from pursuing excellence and our dreams. We’d be living in caves right about now with no “electric candles,” cell phones, heat, airconditioning, computers, radio, TV, you name it! All of the inventions that have shaped our lives and moved us forward were championed by individuals who dared to be different, who dared to pursue excellence, who dared to be called “crazy.”

All of the discoveries across every frontier from outerspace to inner space have been directed by individuals who had a serious commitment to the truth and an inner belief in themselves that they could do the “impossible.” These pioneers, researchers, inventors and explorers did not listen to the “experts” and naysayers who ridiculed their efforts and dreams. Nor should YOU! DON’T EVER LET ANYONE RAIN ON YOUR PARADE! Dream big! Pursue excellence! Go for it!


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