In Handling Failure/Adversity, Peak Performance Strategies

A baby learns to walk by falling ENOUGH
Without doing it wrong enough times,
The infant could NEVER learn to get it right!
The baby’s mastery comes BECAUSE of innumerable failures,
And a built-in drive to get back up and try again and again.

When the infant fails,
There are no judgments, self-directed anger or self-doubts,
There is no negative self-talk or negativity,
There is simply JOY in the learning process,
And a desire to get back up and try it again,
Over and over, until mastery has been achieved.

This is the ultimate model for your success,
It’s part of your DNA and biology,
It’s programmed into your muscle memory,
It’s how you learned to do the “impossibles!”

So lose the self-evaluations whenever you fail,
Put away the emotional hammer that you’ve been beating yourself up with for your mistakes!
Get rid of the “I can’ts,” “I’ll never’s” and the “I suck’s!”
Just pull yourself back up, put a smile on your face,


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