In Attitude, Winning/Losing

I didn’t watch last Sunday’s NFL game between the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. I think I’m more of a Red Sox fan than anything else. However, I did hear how the Patriot’s fans did such a good job of supporting their team. The Patriots of course have been red hot the last several years winning three Super Bowls and losing a tough one last year in the final seconds of the chamionship game to the NY Giants. They went undefeated last season and had been undefeated in regular season play until this game against the Dolphins. Miami, you may know, has been abysmal for the past several years and only won one or two games last year.

New England suffered a season-ending injury to QB Tom Brady in the opening quarter of the first game of the season. Given that, and the recent history of excellence that the team has shown, you’d think that the New England fans would be a little more supportive, understanding and patient when it comes to their team. Not so! While the Patriots were getting their butts kicked at home, the fans were loudly booing their guys! This is the first game in well over a year where they totally and absolutely sucked! The very first game, and yet the fans wasted no time in letting the team know how they really felt about them.

There’s nothing quite like a “fair weather” fan to turn your stomach. You love your team when the sun is shining and they’re winning, but the minute the clouds darken the skies and things go badly, you turn on them and want to throw the bums out! Nowhere in society can you have all this success at your job and have just one bad day, just one bad day, and get booed for it! How quickly the fans forget!

Actually, the fact that the New England fans were actually booing their 3 Super Bowl winning team for this one bad outing shows the total absurdity of spectator sports. Wouldn’t you think, that with all the initial adversity, losing their team’s on-field leader, that the players would need a little patience and support from their fans? Heck no! It’s actually embarassing to be geographically connected to this “fair weather” display of “support.”

I used to think that NY Yankee fans were brutal. When the fans started booing Derek Jeter one game, a commentator said that the New York fans would even boo Santa Claus. Well, move over New York fans. You’ve got some company to share your holiday cheer!


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