In Becoming a Champion, Peak Performance Strategies

Athletes struggle with maintaining their composure under the intense pressure of competition. Many wilt under this pressure, being unable to maintain the high level of performance that they regularly exhibit in practice. Those who fall apart, do so because they have completely lost their perspective of what’s really important. Peak performance can only come from the athlete’s heart, from a performance that is inwardly driven by the love and passion for the performing and NOT by a worry about the outcome.

When you can learn to play from your heart, just for YOU, because you are passionate about your sport, then you will truly be freed up to transcend your normal limits and be a model of performance grace under competitive pressure. The following YOUTUBE VIDEO beautifully demonstrates what it really means to have to perform under intense pressure. It is about 105 year old pianist, Alice Herz-Sommer, the oldest surviving Holocaust survivor in the world. Please take a moment to watch this beautiful, inspirational video.


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