In Coaching: Good/Bad/Unfair

Just because you might have been a superstar as an athlete doesn’t automatically make you a superstar as a coach.

Effective coaching requires a very different set of skills:

You have to be EMPATHIC and have the ability to emotionally put yourself in the shoes of each of your players.
You have to be a GOOD COMMUNICATOR and knowhow and be willing to LISTEN to them!
You have to be OPEN-MINDED and willing to adjust your coaching techniques and styles to the different personalities on your team.

Similarly, you have to be FLEXIBLE and open to trying new and different things.
You have to be PATIENT and have a handle on your own frustrations.
You have to be a GOOD ROLE MODEL because REALLY good coaching is more about WHO you are and HOW you conduct yourself than it is about knowing the game’s X’s & O’s.

You have to be MATURE ENOUGH to not let your ego dictate your words and behaviors with your players.
You have to be NON-DEFENSIVE and OPEN TO FEEDBACK, because really good coaching is all about CONTINUOUS LEARNING!
You have to be MENTALLY STABLE ENOUGH to keep your own personal issues away from your athletes.

Good coaching rarely has anything to do with your won/loss record. Instead, it’s all about being kind to, yet demanding of your players and teaching young people how to embrace hard work and the pursuit of excellence.


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