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You really want to get with the program. You know you desperately need to get back on track and turn over a new leaf. You’ve got this dream that you want to pursue and all this work that you’ve got to get done in order to begin to make it happen. You know that you’ve got to start working on those weaknesses of yours and begin to face those fears. Then again, maybe you’re just trying to break out of that motivational slump that’s been dragging you down so you can finally get your butt in gear.

Want the easy strategy for “doing” this?

Why start today, what you can put off until tomorrow? Procrastination is the most popular and sweat-free way to go whenever you have a difficult task in front of you. Avoidance is based on the wonderfully deluded belief that tomorrow is a better day. “I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll go on a diet tomorrow. I’ll begin my weight training tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll start taking better care of myself. Tomorrow I’ll…..”

Funny thing happens when you operate by the “tomorrow I’ll” philosophy. Tomorrow never really comes! Why? Because when the sun comes up on tomorrow, and it’s now today, instantly there’s a new tomorrow, just 24 hours away.

So if you’re really tired of feeling like crap, being out of shape, losing to people who you should be beating, having that weakness in your game always sabotage you, then understand that there is no better time to do really difficult, scary things than RIGHT NOW! NOW is the time to JUST DO IT! NOW is the best time to turn over that new leaf, eat better, work harder, sleep more, take better care of yourself, etc.

Far too many people wait until they get motivated before they’ll start doing things. Trouble is, what happens when you’re waiting on the personal strength, discipline and motivation, and they never come? DON’T WAIT UNTIL YOU GET MOTIVATED BEFORE YOU DO SOMETHING! DO SOMETHING FIRST AND THEN YOU’LL GET MOTIVATED!

Take action TODAY. Step out of your comfort zone NOW. Trash the bad habits this moment. Stop making excuses and lying to yourself. Get off your butt! YOU CAN DO THIS! No whining about how hard this is or is going to be. IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE HARD. That’s why very few actually do it! But, you can be one of those select few!

Remember, yesterday is a cancelled check. Tomorrow is a promissory note. Today, RIGHT NOW is the only cash you have. Spend it wisely!


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