In Becoming a Champion, Peak Performance Strategies

Ever been totally psyched out or intimidated before? Have you ever been filled with such powerful, last minute self-doubts pre-performance that you could barely move, never mind play to your potential? Are you tired of having to face that crisis of confidence every time you get ready to perform?

If so, here’s some important information for you to understand: NO ONE CAN INTIMIDATE YOU UNLESS YOU ALLOW IT! That’s right, even though you may currently feel that you have no choice over your self-confidence doing a disappearing act right before game time, you do! Whether you get psyched out or not pre-performance is actually in your control!

Intimidation is a direct product of your focus of concentration just before and during the contest. If you focus on the wrong things before the game starts, then chances are good that you’ll enter the game with the “volume control” of your nervousness turned to deafening and your self-confidence on mute! However, if you maintain control over your concentration, then you’ll go into the competition loose and confident.


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