In Becoming a Champion, Believe in Yourself/Self Confidence, Handling Failure/Adversity

A young student meets a Guru on the road one day and he stops him and asks, ” Kind scholar…..can you please tell me, which is the way to success?” The bearded old sage says nothing and instead simply points off in a south-west direction.

The young man, thanks the Guru profusely and, with thoughts of easy accomplishment and great riches in his head, he quickly and excitedly walks off in the pointed direction. Five minutes pass and suddenly there is a loud SPLATT! Another several minutes go by and the young man finally staggers back. His clothes are disheveled, his hair is a mess and he looks shell shocked. Once more he addresses the old man, “Wise man, can you PLEASE tell me once again, which way to success?

Again the Guru says nothing but simply points off in that very same southwesterly direction. And again the young man heads off, if not a bit more cautiously this time, to find easy fame and riches.

10 minutes pass and there is a ground-shaking and deafening SPLATT! Smoke rises up in the distance, roosting birds wildly scatter. Many minutes pass before a solitary figure can be seen crawling back along the road towards the Guru. As he gets closer, the Sage recognizes that it’s the young man. However, the poor student is badly bruised and bloodied. His clothes are tattered and torn and he looks like he’s been through a fierce battle but gotten the worst of it.

Now, however, the young man’s nerves and temper are completely frayed. He screams at the wise man, “Old man. I politely asked you which way to success and both times you spoke not at all but simply pointed. Both times I followed your silly directions and both times all I got was SPLATTED! Enough with the silent finger pointing! Tell me in words sir! Which way to success?”

The Guru patiently looks at the beaten up student, smiles and then quietly says as he points in that same southwesterly direction. “SUCCESS IS THAT WAY YOUNG MAN, JUST BEYOND THE SPLATTS!”

Moral of the story: Want success? Just keep following the SPLATTS! No one accomplishes anything of value and meaning without experiencing many powerful SPLATTS!


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