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Many of the athletes, coaches, sports clubs, and organizations I’ve worked with over the years know me through live interaction or public speaking events. This personal approach has been the foundation of my work and has allowed me to experience the full range of challenges and achievements to test the most effective concepts in mental toughness and peak performance.

Despite being a teacher and consultant, I have also learned a lot from the inspiring coaches, motivated athletes, and supportive parents I’ve met, and have had the pleasure of being able to share it all through books and audio.

The products I have serve only 1 purpose: to help more athletes reach their FULL POTENTIAL.

While I would love to visit every sports team in the country, help every athlete who’s struggling with slumps or blocks, and connect with more coaches to ensure they’re using the best POSITIVE methods for encouraging their players, that would be impossible. But books, audio recordings, workbooks, videos, these are powerful media through which ideas can touch thousands and even millions of people, and this is how I hope my message can resonate with those who need it most.

To extend that opportunity to more people, I’m offering a 25% discount on all products ordered through this site through Sunday, October 18th! Enter discount code “Octobersavings” at checkout.

While you may have seen that I have countless products catering to every popular sport – and many of the less popular – I’m going to summarize for you what I consider to be my BEST and most influential titles.

    1. The BEST Athletes Mental Toughness Training Package

If you don’t know where to start and are looking for my top resources that will apply to ALL athletes regardless of the sport, age, or experience level, then this is it. Not only is this a bestseller I get constant positive feedback on, but I can nearly guarantee that if you follow the directions offered here you will reach a new level of personal excellence.

    1. This is Your Brain on Sports

If you’re not quite ready for a package but want to begin exploring how these concepts have affected prominent athletes then this is the book for you. It is full of stories from real athletes, dives deep into the root of the most common performance problems, and offers a way to apply the best takeaways to your practices and games.

    1. Sports Slump Busting

One of the favorite books of many of my readers, this one lays out all of the important concepts I teach, along with helpful illustrations, photos, and diagrams so you can instantly implement the best mental toughness practices into your performance. This is a great action-oriented book that will leave you much more confident about exactly what to do next.

    1. 14 Steps to Mental Toughness

If you’re the type who rarely has time to read a book then you’ll appreciate this audio package, which can be purchased as physical CD’s or instantly downloaded as mp3 files. I’ve heard many parents or athletes say they put this on in the car when traveling to practice or games. It’s a great addition to your iPhone music collection!

    1. Coaches Complete Mental Toughness Training Package

If you are a coach then I highly recommend this package to expand upon your knowledge, learn new concepts, and elevate your expertise in both the strategic elements of working with athletes, and the communication required to do the job with patience, finesse, and professional style.

Use the menu on the left side of the products page to browse the many workbooks available by sport. These workbooks are an excellent way to dig deep into YOUR UNIQUE challenges, circumstances, and needs.

Additional bestsellers include:

Intro Mental Toughness Training Package for Gymnastics
The Best Mental Toughness Training Package for Swimmers
Soccer with the Competitive Edge
Intro Mental Toughness Training Package for Baseball Players
Softball with the Competitive Edge
Intro Mental Toughness Training Package for Basketball Players

I hope these resources serve you well in the weeks and years to come!
Remember to enter “Octobersavings” for the 25% discount at checkout.


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