In Coaching: Good/Bad/Unfair, Problems in Youth Sports

I’ve had a dream, ever since I was small,
To play this game at the highest level, to make it to pro ball
I love this game, it’s who I am, it makes me happy, it’s in my heart,
And then I met you…

People had said that you were a winner,
That your teams won championships,
Playing for you has just left me confused and unhappy….
I have no idea what they meant…

For the very first time I’m starting to doubt myself,
For the very first time I’m questioning my dream,
For the first time ever I’m no longer having any fun playing!
Despite all the things my other coaches have told me about my potential,
Playing for you has got me questioning everything.

Like why do you keep me on the bench when I’m clearly so much better than the guys you put there?
I’m not questioning this, that’s not who I am!
This is all the other parents on the team….and my former coaches!
And how come when I make a mistake, you embarrass me in front of everyone else,
But when “your guys” mess up, you’re encouraging and positive?
And when I make mistakes, you immediately bench me,
Yet, when they screw up, you give them second, third and fifth chances?

And how come you seem to have chosen me to take out your frustrations on?
Do I have a bad attitude because I get to practice early and leave late?
Is it because I never cut corners and do everything you ask?
Maybe it’s because I never hang out with the guys on the team who drink and smoke?
And why is it that college coaches tell me I can play at the next level,
BUT you treat me like I’m not even good enough to play varsity in high school?

How come coach? Why are you being so unfair?
Why do you want to steal my dream


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