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The feel-good hit movie, THE BLIND SIDE, has just made its’ debut in movie theaters to rave reviews. Based upon the the 2006 best selling book of the same name, it charts the improbable success of Baltimore Raven’s rookie tackle, Michael Oher from homelessness and poverty on the mean streets of Memphis to starting in the NFL.

While the movie features the kindness and generosity of an Ole Miss booster who got Oher off the streets and helped him tap into his tremendous potential, the most important part of this story resides within this 23 year old himself and is not really highlighted on the big screen. The main reason that Oher has made it as far as he has against overwhelming odds is because of his willingness topay his physical dues.” Simply put, the kid’s work ethic is prodigious and admirable.

While it’s an obvious cliche’ that the real secret to success is consistent and persistent HARD WORK, for some reason this simple and basic concept seems to escape so many of us. Perhaps it’s because of what hard work actually entails. It’s, well…HARD! It doesn’t come easy and it frequently hurts. It’s uncomfortable, boring and very often not much FUN! It takes a lot of time and requires that one endures a tremendous amount of physical and emotional discomfort. It requires courage and sacrifice!

Gack! Who on earth wants to consistently have to go through all of that?!

Exactly! So while everyone may entertain dreams about making it big, only a select few are actually willing to do what is really necessary to turn those success fantasies into a reality. Oher is nonplussed about his seemingly improbable celebrity and would much prefer if no-one knew his story. What he does want people to know about him is that there is nothing improbable about working your butt off. This is what he attributes to his current success and what will most likely result, barring any unforeseen injuries, in a very long and successful NFL career.

Got a dream that you want to turn into a reality? GREAT! Then, roll up your sleeves, shut your mouth and get to work! Meaningful success on and off the field can only be yours if you are willing to tenaciously work for it! You’ve got to pay your physical dues in order to make it happen and when you’re done paying, then you need to pay some more!

Incidentally, go see the movie! In my humble opinion, despite its’ flaws (the tired theme that blacks are dependent upon whites to be rescued), it’s uplifting and well worth it!


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