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I’m thrilled to announce that I have recently updated my book, The Sports Mind: Using Your Head for Championship Performance, available in print or PDF.

This updated edition includes a mental toughness skills test and many worksheets, plus detailed strategies that will systematically help athletes in ANY sport build skills which are essential for Mental Toughness and Peak Performance.

Here’s what else it includes:

  • Understanding your brain and performance
  • Developing a winning attitude
  • Changing negative inner coaching to positive
  • Developing awareness of your concentration
  • Staying cool and calm in the clutch
  • Motivation and taking your performance to the next level
  • Utilizing a “championship game plan”

And more! This is a great foundational resource for developing Mental Toughness, and if you DO THE WORK, then you WILL SEE RESULTS in YOUR performance!</[>

All too often, athletes will do what’s physically necessary in order to improve and get stronger, faster, and more skilled. They’ll religiously work with a trainer-coach, practice long hours perfecting their technique, then putting extra hours in practicing this. They’ll build their muscle strength through regular weight training and their endurance through intense cardio work. By competition time they are physically tough and ready and they hope they have a good match, game, or race. However, if you go into your big event HOPING that you’ll perform your best, HOPING that you’ll execute well, achieve a personal best, or HOPING that you don’t embarrass yourself, then you’re seting yourself up for some major heartache and disappointment.

Similarly, if you go into a big competition worried about a specific competitor, dwelling on a previous bad performance, distracted by poor warm-up, or just plain doubting yourself, then you will NEVER perform to your potential!

Don’t waste all of your hard physical work and training! Don’t leave your mental toughness to chance! The mental side of your sport is just as important as the physical and that’s exactly what this book will help you understand and develop.

Get the book or the complete Sports Mind Program and just watch how quickly your overall performance improves!


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