In Becoming a Champion

Do you really want to become a champion? Do you really want to take your athletic talents as far as humanly possible? If so, then you want to systematically surround yourself with highly motivated, high achieving, supportive individuals. You want coaches around you who believe in you and your dreams. You want practice partners who are like-minded and high achieving, and who are willing to push themselves and you to get as good as possible.

You do NOT want people on “your team” who are negative, have a poor work ethic and are directly threatened by your success. These people, be they coaches or other athletes are “dream stealers.” Because of their own insecurities, negativity and immaturity, they will go out of their way to sabotage your quest. Pursuing excellence and becoming a champion is hard enough as it is without having to deal with these energy drains.

It’s like running a race with a team. Do you want your teammates physically hanging onto your back and legs, weighing you down and tugging you backwards? Would you like them filling your head full of “you can’t,””you’ll never,” “This is just too hard” and “why bother?” Or do you want your practice partners and teammates physically pushing you forward from behind while they inspire and motivate you, “Come on! You CAN do this! You’re a winner!” “Keep going!” “I know you CAN!”? The answer is obvious!

A winning team is made up of like-minded individuals who are committed to the pursuit of excellence and who understand that getting as good as possible and going all the way is far easier when everyone works together and has similar goals. Real champions understand that their opponent’s success and improvement is a really good, rather than very bad thing for them! They understand that the competition’s improvement will challenge and push them to get better. Champions understand that being around more talented, better skilled individuals will illuminate the path towards their dreams, helping them clearly see the direction that they must go in and what is actually possible at the end of that path.

So go out and try to find friends who are actually friends in that they support your dreams and believe in your ability to get there. Find training partners who truly challenge you and are invested in pushing you and them as much as possible so that you might both improve. Find coaches who are inspirational, demanding and positive, who also believe in you and all that you can become. IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A CHAMPION, THEN YOU MUST SURROUND YOURSELF WITH CHAMPIONS!


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