In Attitude


When the garbage hits the fan and bad things befall us, we always have two choices: We can focus on the catastrophe of it all and how terrible things are because of this! OR, we can look for the challenge in this situation!

When you focus on how terrible things are and how unlucky it is for you that these bad things happened, while you may certainly be justified to feel badly, you’ll end up getting de-motivated and paralyzed!

However, when you look for the solution in the problem, the challenge in the catastrophe, you’ll end up feeling motivated and getting mobilized! This will lead you to start taking action to get stronger, smarter, faster, etc!

Adversity can strike anytime here is a video I made on overcoming adversity –> Go Watch

When we face adversity, failure and setbacks, you certainly don’t have to like these situations! Let’s face it, there’s usually nothing uplifting or fun about them! However, when faced with these challenges, you can learn to train yourself to look for ways of improving, growing and taking your game to the next level!

So when adversity hits, get curious and look for the challenge in this event rather than diving into the emotions of how terrible this is to have happened to you!

If you’re having a hard time during this time of Coronavirus, no school and virtually no athletics and need some help getting through, we have coaching and products that can help.


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