In Becoming a Champion, Out of Control Emotions/Jealousy and Anger, Peak Performance Strategies

You make a mistake and that triggers your frustration! You get angry and upset with yourself and that just sends your performance spiraling down the tubes! You get emotional and then lose control!

What’s the REAL problem here?

Athletes who struggle with frustration when they perform do so for one KEY reason: They go into their performances with expectations! They bring their goals with them! They have certain standards that they think they SHOULD be maintaining and they’re not! Hence, the self-directed anger and frustration.

When you get upset with yourself for a mistake or for performing below the level you think you should, you will tighten yourself up physically, distract yourself from the moment by moment flow of the action, and perform way below your potential.

Instead, keep your focus ON WHAT YOU’RE DOING! Concentrate on the game, match or race, one moment at a time. LEAVE YOUR GOALS AND EXPECTATIONS AT HOME!

And know that if you are getting frustrated with your performance, then that’s a sure sign that you have made the mental mistake of bringing your goals/expectations into your performance!


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