In Attitude, Becoming a Champion, Winning/Losing

Winning doesn’t make you a winner or something special,

Anymore than losing makes you a loser or something lesser,
It’s all in WHO you are and HOW you play the game…

Cutting corners, cheating, being a poor sport,
Disrespecting your teammates and opponents and,
Then coming in first, makes your “victory” a sham and you, a lousy role model,

Doing your very best, being a good teammate, respecting your opponents,
Playing with class and dignity, by the rules and
Then still coming in second, third or last, makes you a winner and a great role model…

A TRUE winner isn’t necessarily the very best athlete out there,
He/she is often someone who flies under the radar,
Never calling attention to themselves,
Making those around them better,
Encouraging and lifting up those who are down,
Maintaining a positive attitude in the face of adversity,
Going for it without hesitation,
And playing with class,
That is a winner


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